Questions about Faith

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Do you have Questions and doubts about the Christian Faith?

Kidderminster Ismere is committed to help people from all walks of life to understand the basic foundations of the Christian Faith. Without asking questions we cannot learn and so we encourage you to ask questions, no matter how simple, how hard or how silly they may seem. You can d this through contacting clergy via the website, visiting our church services or attending one of our groups or courses throughout the year. Currently we run

Bible Lyte: A weekly discussion group looking at the bible and helping to each person to overcome fears about the bible and enabling the relevance of the bible to out lives in the 21st Century become apparent. This is currently via zoom and details are available from Rev Nigel Taylor at

Weave: Is a contemplative study group looking at the Bible and reflecting on it together, led by Fr Simon Archer. All are welcome. We meet on Mondays at 7pm, currently via Zoom, details of which are available from Simon at or the parish office:

“Growing Disciples” - Join in our Lent conversations

During five weeks in Lent we shall be exploring aspects of our life as individual Christians and as a church, using the set Sunday Gospel readings as our starting point.  Each Sunday in all our churches we shall pick out just one of the possible themes the readings might suggest for the preacher to address.  And then in the weekdays that follow we will pick this up and take it further in discussion together.

We hope that this will not only be valuable reflection for us as individual Christians, but also help us to shape and express our life and purpose together as a church.  We want to be Growing Disciples – growing ourselves, and growing others.